Remembering great places!

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Remembering great places should be easy!

“Hmm, it’s supposed to be on this street. She said it was by this intersection and past the hotel….” It’s Friday night and you’re with your crew for a night out on the town. Your friend recommended a hidden gem of a bar that she discovered last weekend; she raved about it over your Sunday brunch. But between Saturday night’s hangover and Sunday’s bottomless mimosas, you’re foggy about the place’s name and location. Remembering great places should be sooo easy!

Other times, you’re luckier about remembering a great place that someone told you to check out. After all, all you have to do is pull up your text messages, scroll through to a few days ago, and – wait no, maybe it’s in your Facebook messages, or did he email it to you, or was it in your WhatsApp group chat?

Friends are one of your most cherished sources of new information. Together, you tell each other which salon gives the perfect blowout, which restaurants are awesome, which bars have the best service, and which coffee shop makes the best caramel lattes. We tell each other in person during dinners (at a place you might want to recommend to others!), through text messages, and over Facebook. In fact, almost 90 percent of recommendations are made verbally, while more than half is through Facebook.

And yet, all these different platforms of communication make it confusing and jumbled to keep track of great recommendations – you have to scroll through your texts, Facebook messages, and email to find the name of that restaurant. Luckily, there’s a solution. Voice of Friends is a fun, social way to ensure that you never forget a recommendation again!

Did you go to a great place that You know Your Friends would love?

Select it out of Voice of Friends’ list of over 100 million friends, add an optional personal message, and share it with your friends! Now, all the recommendations you send and receive will be kept in one handy place. Not only will you have a personal map of all your recommendations, but you can also message your friends with full privacy, no spam, and no cost!

No more forgetting what they told you and no more scrolling through all your apps.
Voice of Friends is your go-to, one-stop destination for great recommendations and connecting with your friends.


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