Voice of Friends – Your Partner for Referral Marketing!

You are looking for referral marketing and how to get referrals? Then we can help you!

Referral marketing allows you to transform the word of mouth process to increase referrals about your business and bring new clients into your shop.

What do we do?
We offer your company the possibility to win new clients by supporting word of mouth recommendations using our Voice Of Friends platform.
You can benefit from referral marketing by adding a “Welcome”-Voucher to each recommendation. Each recommendation will be saved for the user permanently. This makes you independent from a marketing that needs to trigger an impulse just in this moment when your potential client see’s your advertisement. Instead it will be available for him till he turns the voucher into your sales!

Why do we do it?
Because we believe in great service and sustainable marketing. Any company that forces you to offer high discounts will drive you into a negative spiral as it’s destroying your profit and making you dependent to offer these high discounts on a going basis.
High discounts will also bring in a group of customers who expect steep discounts, which will force you to lower levels of service for everyone, even your loyal customers paying full price.
Therefore we developed Voice of Friends as we believe companies that offer great service and love their work are a much better choice and should have an easy way to win new customers by word of mouth recommendations.

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