Recommendation Letter for a Friend

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Recommendation Letter for a Friend

How to write great Recommendation Letter for a Friend? Whenever people find out that some of their friends are looking for a job, they usually want to help them finding the best job immediately. This is what friendship is about and if you are in this situation you probably have the same feelings. The help can come in varies forms and starts with positive motivation, sharing great companies to work for, actively looking for positions that might fit, sharing the CV with other friends or the human resource department (HR) or even up to writing recommendation letters for a friend. All types of help have very noble intentions.

How to write a recommendation letter for a friend?
How to write a recommendation letter for a friend?

However, there are situations in which friends go too far and make their jobless friends feel a little bit frustrated and annoyed. Keep in mind that looking for a job is a stressful and often tiresome experience. So, it is better to ask them first IF you can help them and HOW you can help them best.

One of the most common things that people looking for a job need is a recommendation letter. Even though writing a recommendation letter seems easy, it is the best idea to follow some tips that can help you present your friend in a better light in front of their potential employer.

How to write a recommendation letter for a friend?

There are few different types of recommendation letters for a friend depending on their purpose, but when it comes to letter of recommendation for a job, you must focus on three distinctive elements.

First of all, you will have to explain the details about how you know your friend. The individual (employer, HR professional etc.) who will read the letter will certainly want to know more about the relationship that you have with your friend. You should mention this in the first paragraph (in the first few sentences). In this way, you will explain the reader why you are capable to write such letter for that person. In other words, you will confirm that you actually know this person very well and that you stand behind your claims.

The second key aspect is to write about his or her qualifications. Keep in mind that nobody wants to hire your friend just because you are friends. They are looking for the best fit for the company. Therefore outline the key strength of your friend especially if he has certain skills and experience in his/her field. In case this friend of yours was working in your company, you will have to provide more about the role your friend was working in and which achievements he/she has accomplished.

Lastly the recommendation letter you should point out why your friend would be the right employee and why you are convinced that this person is the right option for that job position. Don’t hesitate to share details and give good examples that will prove that your friend is the best solution.

Recommendation Letter for a FriendHow to write great Recommendation Letter for a Friend

How to close the recommendation letter for a friend?

You should close your recommendation letter for a friend by outlining that your friend is the perfect candidate.  You should share your contact details to provide more information in case the employer would like to hear more.

Remember that there is not only one way in helping your friends to get a job. You can also send them job listings, review their CV, improve their online presentation or get involved in networking together.

Finding a job is not an easy task, but with your help it will be a lot easier for your friend. Especially after you have written a recommendation Letter for a Friend.

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