How do you recommend great places to friends?

It all started when we planned to go to San Sebastian in Spain in summer 2014. San Sebastian is known for the great landscape, the spectacular old town and especially for fantastic Tapas places. As soon as we told our friends that we were going to San Sebastian, they recommended several great tapas places we should try.
We got there on a Friday evening – it was great weather, a lot of people in the streets and we tried to remember and look for some of the great places our friends had recommended. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any of them…Therefore we asked ourself: What is the best way to recommend great places to friends?

Based on that we thought there must be an easy way to find the best places in town recommended by our friends without looking up old emails, Facebook post or Whatsapp messages… Of course we could use common rating pages, Google Search but how would we know that these are the best places our friends liked instead of the places that spend most on advertisement…

That’s why we developed Voice of Friends. – You only see what you recommended to your friends or what your friends recommended to you. Therefore┬áVoice of Friends is a project of Friends for Friends and we aim to provide you the easiest way to recommend great places to your friends!

With Voice of Friends you can easily see all recommendations of your friends and their friends.

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