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“Hey, you got plans tonight?” “Nope, you?” “No! Let’s do something!” “Okay! What?” And then there’s the awkward pause in the conversation as you try to think. You just got excited about going out and preventing another boring, anti-social Friday night filled with YouTube videos and Chinese takeout. You just found a friend to go out with – but now, where do you go? You need to find a great place to go out for a good time.


There’s always Yelp. If you can think of a specific type of activity you’d like to do, you can search for good places to go out to. In the mood for Italian food? Type that into the app and you’ll see a huge list of Italian restaurants near you. By reading through reviews and ratings, you can try to figure out which place might be best. Of course, Yelp ratings and reviews can be all over the place – the restaurant might have an average of four stars, but there are plenty of five star reviews and a plethora of two star reviews. Many times, it seems like these clashing reviews were written in alternate universes! So how can you possibly know if you’ll agree with the five star or two star ratings? See more on Quora 


Luckily, there’s a better way to find your next great place to love. Who do you trust more than your friends? And who knows your tastes and preferences better than your friends? Who could better help you to find a great place to go out? You have confidence in your friends’ opinions, and they exactly what type of things you like. They are your best sources of recommendations.


With Voice of Friends, you and your friends can easily share great finds and recommend awesome places to each other. Whenever you find a great place, share it with your friends and your personal map of recommended locations will always be stored in the app! Voice of Friends provides you with a handy map to recommendations that you trust and know you’ll enjoy. Even better, the app feature private messaging, no spam, and is free.


Never again be at a loss about your next fun destination!

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